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Based in Stavanger, Capella Entertainment is a venture studio specializing in the music industry. A venture studio, also known as a startup studio, is a company that develops new startups from internal ideas, combining resources, capital, and expertise. With a core focus on discovering and developing entrepreneurial talent, we work to create business opportunities that explore and challenge traditional music models, implement technological solutions, and present innovative approaches to industry challenges and opportunities.


  • Among our significant contributions to the music technology field is the establishment of Mintix AS, Scandinavia's first blockchain ticketing company. The recognition of Mintix AS as "Startup of the Year" at MTC Bergen confirms our capacity to identify, support, and develop innovative ideas that have the potential to shape the music technology industry.

  • Currently, we have full or partial ownership of eight different music companies. All these companies benefit from the synergies created by operating under Capella Entertainment's umbrella, providing a robust support environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

  • As the music industry continues to evolve in response to technological changes and cultural shifts, we see opportunities ahead. With a strong base of expertise and a multifaceted approach to business development, our ambition is to challenge traditional perspectives, leverage new technologies, and engage in innovative collaborations that lead to sustainable growth and success in the music ecosystem.

  • Our company's journey has been marked by rapid growth, establishing ourselves as a reliable and emerging player in the music and technology fields in Scandinavia in a short period. Through our efforts, commitment, and vision, we strive toward an overarching goal: to become the largest independent player in the Nordics in creating new business opportunities in the music industry.

    Why Invest in Capella Entertainment?

    Here are some key reasons why an investment in our company should be considered:

  • Rare Opportunity: Investments in music-centered companies are rarely available to the public. Traditionally, the industry has dominated its investment and acquisition cycle. With us, you gain access to this closed market.

  • Attractive Acquisitions: The music industry has a history of acquisitions, often at billion-dollar values. Scandinavian companies have previously been targets for such acquisitions, and our ambition is to position Capella Entertainment as a potential candidate for future transactions of this magnitude.

  • Documented Results: We have already proven our ability to discover and nurture new talents, whether artists or entrepreneurs. Through our commitment, many have received a kickstart to their careers.

  • Future Exit Opportunities: With a goal of partial exit or IPO by 2030, investing in Capella Entertainment represents a clear opportunity for returns within a relatively short timeframe.

  • Robust Business Model: Through our "venture studio" model, we have a multi-faceted foothold. This provides us with a diversified income stream and reduces the risk associated with relying on a single revenue-generating segment.

  • Goal of Sustainability: Our primary aim with this investment round is to achieve sustainability and profitability. With financial stability, we can continue to innovate and grow over time without constant pressure from short-term financial demands.

  • Diversified Portfolio: Through our ownership in eight different music companies, we provide investors with a unique and diversified exposure in the music industry. This ensures risk is spread and allows us to benefit from various market segments and trends simultaneously.

  • Talent Development: We are strongly committed to nurturing and developing new entrepreneurs and artists. Our dedicated approach provides a constant flow of innovation and fresh talent to our portfolio, ensuring continuous renewal and relevance in an industry that values originality.

  • Scalability: Our business model is not only sustainable but also designed for scalable growth. With the right investment, we can rapidly expand, open new markets, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the music sector.

  • Growth in the Music Industry: According to global reports prepared by Goldman Sachs, the music industry is on a growth trajectory, with expectations to double its value by 2030. This provides a rare opportunity for investors to enter at a time when the industry is on an upward trajectory, with clear indications of a positive future.

    Problems to be Addressed:


  • The music industry, as a powerful reflection of society's pulse, has always adapted to the rhythm of the times. Over generations, it has embraced change while navigating both ups and downs. In today's landscape, where the boundaries between tradition and innovation are often blurred, the industry faces new challenges that require fresh perspectives and approaches.

  • Traditional Business Models: Despite the revolution in music streaming and consumption behavior, many revenue sources in the industry remain old and predisposed. These traditional models often favor established companies over individual artists and emerging innovators, creating an imbalance in earnings.

  • Relative Lack of Innovation: Although there have been advancements, the music industry historically hasn't experienced the same pace of innovation as other more "forward-thinking" industries. This has left a gap where the need for renewal and new approaches in business models becomes increasingly vital.

  • Limited Access to Capital: Young companies, independent artists, and entrepreneurs face tough challenges in attracting necessary funding. Without connections to the larger players in the industry, it can be challenging to secure the capital required for expansion and innovation.

  • Fragmented Industry: The music industry is characterized by a diversity of players, from record labels, distributors, marketing agents to technology partners. This fragmentation can lead to inefficiency, reduced communication, and missed collaboration opportunities.

  • Access to Expertise: For those new to the music world, its dynamic and complex nature can be overwhelming. It is often difficult for entrepreneurs and newcomers to gain access to industry knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to breaking down these barriers, offering guidance and insight to help young talents navigate and providing them with the tools they need to realize their potential.

  • Networking Opportunities: Relationships are the cornerstone of the music industry. Without the right network, talented individuals and companies can go unnoticed. We fill this gap by offering bridging services that connect new players with industry decision-makers.

    Our Solution - What We Offer

  • Facing the challenges of the music industry, Capella Entertainment has developed an approach to address these issues:

    Technology and the Future of the Music Industry:

  • In an increasingly digital world, we recognize the need to stay ahead of technological advancements in the music industry. Technologies like blockchain have the potential to transform the industry, offering transparent payment solutions for artists and secure rights databases. Capella Entertainment is dedicated to exploring these technologies, aiming to lead in innovation and ensuring that our artists and partners benefit from the opportunities they bring.

    Access to Capital

  • In the music industry, where growth potential is often linked to available funding, the lack of capital is a critical barrier for many young companies, independent artists, and emerging innovators. Understanding this challenge, Capella Entertainment has taken proactive steps to address this need. We have a dedicated team working tirelessly to build and maintain strong relationships with a wide range of investors. Our network of funding sources ranges from family offices to angel investors and successful entrepreneurs specializing in creative industries.

    Connecting Industry Players and Promoting Relationship Building

  • The music industry can often seem fragmented, and we understand the importance of making connections. Through our networks and events, we focus on bringing together diverse actors to promote collaboration, synergies, and the building of lasting, strong relationships. This ensures that we not only emphasize the musical side but also the human connections that are central to the industry.

    The Power of Community

  • Entrepreneurship can often be a solitary journey, filled with both highs and challenges. At Capella Entertainment, we recognize the importance of a strong community that can support, guide, and encourage each individual in their unique journey. By fostering an environment where experienced players and newcomers can interact and learn from each other, we lay the foundation for a culture of collaboration and growth. We believe that by connecting and sharing experiences, we increase the chances of success for all involved, thereby strengthening the entire music industry.

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